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We’ve accumulated expertise and answers to the most common questions about running a small business and how to tax plan properly. In our faq’s below, you will find information about ways to access our expertise in various ways to meet your needs and stay within your budget.

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We don’t just answer your questions; we provide solutions!

Yes. But we did develop this learning center to help our small team gain leverage on our time and to keep our workload from overflowing. Let’s see if our writings, or videos, or group chats might work for you. We can try to book some 1-on-1 time if you need very detailed, personalized, and customized planning or coaching.

For now, we are focused on bringing free informational topics to this website, via blog posts and videos. We hope to build on that by also offering more in-depth paid instructional videos and courses sometime soon. That endeavor requires quite a time commitment, so we will be working on that whenever we can. In the meantime, we are collecting your feedback to see what topics are most-needed from our community.

We get this question nonstop, every day. We are a very small team, and heavily sought after, which is a good thing! The purpose of this site and related services is to be able to serve those who are able to DIY, but need some tutoring and coaching along the way. So we are currently trying our best to not take on any more work than we can handle. 

There is a ton of info on this all over the internet. We’ve seen that a lot of it can be misleading, so we are hoping to become your first stop for tax planning tips and advice! We are currently putting together cohorts, which would be a series of group-based sessions intended to have a defined beginning and end, with the goal being to properly educate and inform new business owners on those key topics they need to be aware of as they get started. If interested in joining one of those cohorts, please reach out and let us know!

Absolutely! We want to keep creating content that people actually need, right now in real time! Let us know what is on your mind, as we are sure your peers are seeking the same. we’ll prioritize the most common topics that people are asking for about!

We hope to start offering “Office Hours” sessions on a regular basis soon, those would be free, group-based, generic info sessions to help get people pointed in the right direction. More in-depth instruction, in the form of new “Business Masterminding Cohorts” is something we are also putting together, and those would be a paid series of sessions, with a defined beginning and end, intended to educate new business owners on all the key topics that they need to understand and tackle as they get things going. Occasional live instruction sessions for “Hot Topics” or “Tax Alerts” should also become available whenever needed, if big tax news happens.  We’ll try to post links and sign up information below as all of the above evolves and comes to life. In the meantime we appreciate your patience!